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For Such A Time is a space for us to strengthen, uplift and inspire one another as we share our joys, our laughs, our sorrows and our faith. We hope you will join your voice with ours as we strive to connect with one another in this diverse and expansive community of latter-day sisters, united in purpose and faith.

Thank you for your interest in submitting to For Such A Time. Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting.

Submission Guidelines for Poetry:
Poetry does not have to be overtly religious or spiritual but should be uplifting in nature.
You may submit up to three poems per submission.
Each poem should be able to fit on one 8.5×11 page.

Please submit your poems to:

Submission Guidelines for “From Where I Stand” section:
We would love to learn a little bit about you, your culture and how the gospel affects your life. Please respond to the following prompts. Total word count should be under 800 words. Your response will be published with your first name, a photo and where you are from.

1) What does a typical day look like for you?
2) Tell us about something that has been essential in your personal conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel.
3) How does the restored gospel affect your life on a day to day basis?

Please send your responses, your name, contact info, and a photo to:

Submission Guidelines for Featured Essays:
We look for inspiring, fun, funny, practical, and moving writing (but we don’t expect your piece to be all of those at once) about a wide variety of topics pertaining to LDS women today. Please be familiar with our website and mission before submitting.

We will need the following from you:
1) Your name and contact info
2) Your social media handles (and links to them) as well as a link to your blog or website if you have one. If you don’t have one, that is ok!
3) Your essay, copy pasted in the body of your email. Do not double space between paragraphs. Please keep your piece between 600-1000 words. Also, let us know if your piece has been previously published so we can link to the site where it was first published.
4) A brief bio that we will post with your article. 2-3 sentences is good.

Please send the items listed above to our editorial team at:

Tips on writing a great article for us:
We reserve the right to decide whether or not to publish any article submitted to us. We will also do minor edits as we see fit (a change of title to be more eye-catching, perhaps a punctuation change, etc.)

To improve your chances of being published please follow these tips:
1) Write from your heart. We want the content on this website to be real, honest and meaningful.
2) Keep your article between 600-1000 words or less.
3) Articles that are antagonistic towards the LDS church or its doctrines will not be published. (In other words, no rants please.) But we WOULD love to hear about some struggle you may have had with faith or testimony and what has helped you through it.
4) Please read articles on our website to get a feel for our tone. We are not the Ensign (our content is less formal) but we are also not looking for writing that resembles an email typed up in a rush.
5) PLEASE PROOFREAD. It may be helpful to you to have someone look over your piece before you send it over.
6) BE YOU! We want to hear YOUR voice. If you have never written before, we don’t mind! If you have never been published, we would be thrilled to be the first to help you get there.

* Our editorial team will respond to submissions within 3 weeks to let you know if your piece meets our criteria for publishing. At that point we will give you more details about when your piece will be published. If you are not published this time, please feel free to submit again, we would love to read what you send in.