Donna – Indiana, USA

What does a typical day look like for you?

Since I am retired, and am no longer driving, most of my days are spent at home. My mobility is poor, so I don’t get much done in a day. I usually wake up around 8:30 AM, get morning stuff done, and read my scriptures (our ward currently has a book of Mormon challenge going on), then I check e-mails and Facebook, read for a bit , then start my day with a late breakfast. I spend too much time watching TV (mostly cooking channels), then prepare supper for my husband to take to work (he works nights, and sleeps most of the day). In the evenings, I again watch too much TV and catch up on correspondence or talk with friends via phone. I don’t sleep well, and haven’t for some time. My doctor is aware. I try to have lunch with a friend weekly to get out of the house.

Tell us about something that has been essential in your personal conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel.

When I took the missionary discussions so many years ago, it was as if the missionaries were inserting pieces into a puzzle for me. Their message just seemed to fit. It made perfect sense to me that a loving Heavenly Father would not abandon his children here on the earth, so having a prophet to guide us made perfect sense. The part about families rang true to me also. I had been actively searching for a church when I was introduced to the missionaries by a friend from work. I was a Baptist in my early life, and had never heard of the Mormons, but I admired the way my co-worker lived his life, so I asked him,”What church do you go to”? When he told me the Mormon church, I replied, “OH, the people with the nice commercials on TV!” I asked him to tell me about his church, and of course he replied, I have some friends who could tell you better (even though he was a returned missionary). We were invited to dinner at his house, and began taking the discussions, and were baptized about 6 months later.

How does the restored gospel affect your life on a day-to-day basis?

I can’t imagine living with my knowledge of the gospel. When I taught, I worked with a lot of students who didn’t believe in a hereafter. I cannot imagine living and not having that hope to push me forward. It’s scary to think that this life is the end! I have always prayed, so that was not new to me. Having the fullness of the gospel is such a gift, and the opportunity to attend the temple is so special – don’t know where I’d be without it. My friends don’t “get” it – how could I believe that? But I think the gospel centers me. I know where to go for answers. I know my prayers are answered. And even when I feel as though I’m on the wrong side of things, I know the path back. I talk to heavenly Father every day. Sometimes I feel as though my prayers are vain repetitions, since I pray a lot for the same people daily, but I know the Lord knows what is in my heart, and He can sift  through the chatter to get to the real crux of the matter.

Teresa – Illinois, USA

What does a typical day look like for you?

Many days I wake up, filled with joy and happiness because I know that somebody in Heaven is taking care of me. Every day I try to do my best to wear a smile and to show other people that I am happy because I know that God loves me. When we show others that we are happy, we are showing others that God really does love us. I know that when God sees that we are happy, it fills Him with joy.

Tell us about something that has been essential in your personal conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel.

For me, drawing near to the Savior, Jesus Christ, has been very important my whole life. I know that I am loved by my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Knowing that they love me motivates me to be obedient to the commandments and someday return to live with them. They want us to return to them, so they have given us all the guidance that we need.

How does the restored gospel affect your life on a day-to-day basis?

Having the gospel in my life has been very important. Sometimes our friends invite us to participate in things that are not good for us, but having the gospel has given me strength to say no to things that would not fortify me. When we make good decisions, our Heavenly Father blesses us to feel Holy Ghost closer to us.
¿Cómo es un día típico para ti?

Muchas de las veces al despertar y saber que alguien desde cielo me cuida me llena de alegria y felicidad. Todo los dias trato lo mejor demostrar a las personas que soy feliz con una sonrisa. Porque se que Dios me ama. Cuando nosotros demostramos que somos felices, estamos mostrando a las personas que Dios si nos ama. Yo se que cuando Dios ve que nosotros estamos felices lo llena de gozo.

Cuéntanos algo que ha sido esencial en tu conversión personal al evangelio de Jesucristo.

Para mi acercarme mas con nuestro salvador Jesucristo a sido algo muy importante en mi vida. Se que para Dios y Jesucristo soy una persona muy querida por ellos. Saber que ellos me quieren me motiva para ser obediente y algun dia regresar con ellos. Ellos nos quieren de regreso, por esa razon tenemos todo la guia que necesitamos.

 ¿Cómo te afecta el evangelio restaurado en tu/su vida diaria?

Tener el evangelio en mi vida a sido muy importante. Muchas veces “nuestros amigos” nos invitan a participar en cosas que no son las mejores decisiones, pero teniendo el evangelio me ha dado la fuerza decir no a cosas que no me fortalecen. Cuando tomamos buenas decisiones nuestro padre celestial nos bendice a sentir mas cerca al espiritu santo.


Hannah – Iowa, U.S.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day for me would probably be a pretty unique experience for most people. If my day has not already begun before dawn by nursing a crying baby back to sleep, I am usually woken up by husband’s alarm or a bit later by my husband himself. I help my husband gather our children into the living room around 6 am for family prayer and scripture study. Afterwards, my husband hugs and kisses each of us and leaves for his job.

At that point, I have to put my leadership hat on and remind all the children to straighten their bedrooms and gather any dirty laundry into the laundry room. I usually hear a bit of tired grumbling from at least one of my children and have a child or two I have to remind SEVERAL times to stay on task. On most mornings I make a breakfast of eggs, muffins, or cottage cheese with fruit while everyone does a “breakfast chore.” These usually are chores such as unloading the dishwasher, sorting the laundry that was gathered by everyone, taking care of our dog’s needs, setting the table for breakfast, helping me with breakfast, or changing the baby’s diaper. I’m often holding the baby and trying to drink my morning water while doing this. We all sit down to pray and eat breakfast together. Usually the baby is being really cute and sweet or screaming at me because I am not feeding him fast enough! There’s probably at least one child who is sad because I did not make a favorite breakfast. I have to tell that child maybe I can make their favorite another day and to be grateful there is food on the table!

After breakfast everyone clears their dishes and gets out their school books. They each have math and writing assignments. Science, Spanish, history, and reading are also included as well as other subjects, life skills, and healthy emotional management depending on the day and the age of the child. I enjoy a bit of spontaneity, so I try to incorporate some flexibility into our school every day!

I usually plan and make preparations for dinner that night and wash and dry laundry while helping with school questions and trying to help the younger ones settle disagreements or snuggle with them on the couch. My older children each have a monthly check-list that helps them see what their responsibilities and assignments are for each day.

One of the older children is often assigned to help get lunch for everyone while I am finishing up chores around the house and yard and the younger kids are running in and out of the house! My husband calls me most days to chat for a bit while he eats his lunch. After lunch, I give each child an assignment for an afternoon chore. I drive to town a couple of times a week to take my children to music lessons or a home school group field trip. I pick up any groceries I need for the next week while I’m out to conserve fuel in our car.

When I get home, we all work to finish up dinner and get the table set. When Dad gets home, we pray and eat. After dinner, we all clear the table. My husband loads the dishwasher and starts it. He also makes his lunch for work the next day using any leftovers from dinner or other items from our pantry and refrigerator.

We spend time talking, laughing, and finishing projects for Church service or around our home and then we get ready for bed. My husband, myself, and the older children generally are each responsible to get one of the younger children ready for bed by brushing teeth, putting pajamas on, changing diapers, etc.

Personal scripture study, personal prayer, brushing my teeth, exercising, and showering are interlaced throughout my day when I get a few free moments! I also embrace Gospel teaching moments, pause in the middle of projects to acknowledge my children’s successes and antics, discuss hopes and dreams with my teenagers for their future, and LISTEN a lot. With 6 children, that takes up ample time! At least once a month I have to pay bills, be a helpful visiting teacher and friend, and stay in touch with family and friends who live far away. Just writing this is making me feel a bit exhausted, but grateful for all my luxuries and good health that help me accomplish these responsibilities in my life! Thank goodness for the weekends as well, when I can go on a date with my husband and attend Church to refresh my spirit and refill my cup!

Tell us about something that has been essential in your personal conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel.

‘The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ’ is an essential part of my conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is difficult to convey in words how much I love this sacred book of scripture. It broadens my worldview and testifies that Heavenly Father truly loves ALL of His children regardless of where they lived before our world had the technology to share the good news of His Gospel! It complements the Bible and helps to bring us to Christ through pure doctrine.

The Temple is also essential in my faith in Jesus Christ and His Church and priesthood authority being restored to the Earth in these latter-days. Baptism is essential as exemplified by the Saviour himself. Because of God’s holy temples multiplying throughout the world, baptism is available to all who never had the opportunity to receive that ordinance on this earth! ALL of His children also have the privilege to be endowed with power to inherit all our Father has if we obey His commandments! The temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints truly testify of God’s perfect plan to make possible the return of His children to their heavenly home, regardless of their life circumstances and era of existence.

I have had multiple experiences while reading the scriptures and attending the Temple when the Holy Spirit has given me crucial information and guidance that I never would have thought of on my own.

How does the restored gospel affect your life on a day-to-day basis?

God’s commandments are constantly on my mind throughout the day. How I choose to dress, the words I speak, what I choose to look at or listen to either invites the Holy Spirit or, in contrast, turns my thoughts to the world. I have hope in Christ’s sacrifice that I, my loved ones, and the entire human family can choose to have faith in Him, humbly repent, and continue trying to obey His commandments to return home to the embrace of a loving Father someday. Although I make mistakes every single day, I can also repent every single day. As I stay true to my baptismal and temple covenants and pray for forgiveness and strength through the atonement of Jesus Christ I can become a living witness of the culture of the Gospel, rather than the culture of the world.

On a daily basis, the Restoration of the Gospel allows me to see more clearly with my spiritual eyes. The Gift of the Holy Spirit, modern prophets, and the scriptures allow me to discern between good and evil with purity. Heavenly Father’s plan for me and all of His children is beautiful and intensely outshines the desires of the natural man and the culture of the world, when viewing through the lens of the Plan of Happiness made plain through the Restored Gospel.

My divinely appointed role as a mother and wife in our family is more apparent to me. That knowledge helps me get through so many difficult days by understanding the eternal significance of my responsibility to dedicate my time and talents to teaching my children the Gospel and guiding them toward the Savior, as well as the joint effort needed for my husband and I to realize our eternal potential. Without the knowledge I have of the Plan of Salvation, I would not have the same conviction to stay focused on the MOST important lessons and purposes of this life. Caring for a family is truly difficult, but when I feel helpless I know I can pray to a Heavenly Father who truly cares and values my efforts. I know He will help me with my most important work of being a mother and wife.

Sandra – Santiago, Chile

What does a typical day look like for you?

1. During a typical day, I arise in the morning and say my prayer and begin to clean the house. I prepare lunch and play with my daughters. The part of the day that I like best is when we sit at the table together and I ask who is going to say the blessing on the food. Both my daughters say “me!” This demonstrates to me that they are growing up with good values and they are putting gospel learning into practice.

Tell us about something that has been essential in your personal conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel.

2. Something that has been essential in my conversion is choosing to be a good example in showing others the immense love that Jesus Christ has for us. Helping others understand that is something very special.

How does the restored gospel affect your life on a day-to-day basis?

3. The gospel is the most beautiful thing that I have in my life. Having the gospel is invaluable to me – because through the gospel I can have a healthy life. Knowing that I can count on the Holy Ghost to guide me day by day and know that my daughters are growing in the gospel, fills me with joy. I truly could not live without the gospel in my life. I love my Savior and I am grateful for the opportunity He gave me to know His gospel.

Spanish answers:

¿Cómo es un día típico para usted/ti?

1. En un dia normal, me levanto, hago mi oracion. Empiezo limpiar la casa, hacer almuerzo y jugar con mis hijas. Lo mas que me gusta de todos los dias es cuando estamos en la mesa y pregunto quien va a hacer la oracion para comer y las dos dicen “yo!” Eso me demuestra que estan creciendo con valores y estan poniendo en practica las ensenanzas del evangelio.

¿Cuéntanos/cuéntenos algo que ha sido esencial en tu/su conversión personal al evangelio de Jesucristo?

2. Algo que ha sido esencial cuando hablo del Evangelio con las personas es el ejemplo y poder hacerle saber a las personas el inmenso amor que tiene Jesucristo por nosotros. Hacer que las personas comprendan eso es algo muy especial.

¿Cómo te/le afecta el evangelio restaurado en tu/su vida diaria?

3. El evangelio es lo mas hermoso que tengo en mi vida, y poder tenerla no tiene precio, porque por medio de ella puedo tener una vida sana. El saber que cuento con el Espiritu Santo para que me guie dia a dia y saber que mis hijas estan creciendo en el evangelio me llena de alegria, realmente no podria vivir sin el evangelio en mi vida, amo a mi Salvador y estoy agradecida por darme la oportunidad de conocer su evangelio.