Written by Christy Spencer

Grey clouds, a backdrop to skeleton trees

who bend and groan from the bitter breeze

As frozen crystals swirl around

life of every form slows down

A colorless realm, muted and dreary

souls are heavy and winter weary

But somewhere in my beating heart

warmth is coming, a growing start

a literal and figurative change in season

renewal is rising up without reason

I am a crocus, who blooms amid snow

hopeful, resilient, watch me grow.


*This poem was originally published at: https://thedispencery.wordpress.com/2018/03/01/crocus/

About the author


Christy Spencer

Christy Spencer lives in South Ogden, Utah with her husband and (soon to be) 3 daughters. After a decade of work in the humanitarian sector, she is now a full-time homemaker. As a friendly introvert, Christy cherishes her quiet life nurturing her girls with nature, books, the gospel, and a dash of OCD.

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