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6 Ways Our Family is Preparing to Be Sealed in the Temple

Written by Jacie Anderson

I’ve been to 4 temples before and only ever been on the outside. But the temple had a HUGE influence as to why I first started investigating the church. Every time I waited outside of a temple I always felt like I could hear the Spirit whispering to me and each time His message grew louder and louder. All I could think of was “if it is this powerful and I’m only waiting outside, I can only imagine how incredible it will be if I ever get to go inside.”

Years after my first experience like this at a temple, I made the choice to get baptized. After my baptism, I was given the gift of the Holy Ghost. Since I received the gift of the Holy Ghost that whisper has now transformed into a melody that seems to be playing in my mind all day long. Sometimes I feel like I could sing it at the top of my lungs, and other times it is a soft humming. I know my Savior wants me to come be with Him again and I know by getting sealed in the Temple I can.

What will make my sealing so special is that I will get to experience it with not only my husband but with my two daughters as well. We are all going to go through this sacred experience together and we are preparing as a family for the day that we will all be able to become closer to our Heavenly Father. These are some ways we are preparing:

1)Prayer. During our daily family prayer, we ask our Heavenly Father to help us be prepared for our day to be sealed.

2)Scripture study. We read the scriptures slowly and we take time to discuss what it means to be sealed.

3)Journaling. I write in my journal when I am concerned and I ask questions when I am curious.

4)Strengthening faith and testimony through learning. I am learning more about personal testimonies through church books which is then helping me build my own testimony.

5)Improving through repentance. I can recognize my faults better now and repentance is gradually becoming less difficult.

6)Visiting the temple grounds together. Above all, my favorite way to prepare to enter the temple is by visiting the temple grounds as a family and feeling the Spirit there.

It amazes me how excited my two girls get just by seeing the tip of Angel Moroni when we drive around Gilbert. Every time we go to the temple it is as if they have never seen it before. The Spirit they feel and the things they notice leave perfect memories carved into my heart. Those moments are what help me know that the temple truly is His home here on earth. Flowers become more colorful, the sun shines brighter, and the bond between us becomes undeniable. The only word you can use to describe it is LOVE.

I want to be sealed in the temple because I want my family to grow closer together while we build testimonies individually. I want our love to be strong enough to conquer anything influenced by hate and I want our faith to be more valuable than facts. I know that trust in my Savior is more powerful than any vaccine to any illness and I know if I follow His commandments I can have all those blessings and more. So I will play this beautiful melody on repeat every day from now until my family and I walk out of the temple sealed together for all eternity.

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