Little One—Lost

Written by Jennifer Johnson

I held you close,
My Little One
Lost way too soon

I saw your life so small
Your details were barely there, not quite.
But your heart was firm and strong
I thought I held you safe
My little one,
Lost before the details

I may not ever know your purpose in His plan.
I will miss the hope of you
The thought of you
My Little One
Lost before first touch.

I will miss you until that time when I see you.
You with all your details.
And I will hold you close.
My little one
Lost before first breath.

About the author


Jennifer Johnson

I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a preschool teacher. Each role comes with the stinky and the lovely. I live my life based on my faith that God will direct and as I follow life is and will be glorious. I write because I love words. Any words - I love how the right words at the right time can comfort and stretch and enlighten a soul . I hope my words can reach others and help them find the glorious in their life.

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