Why Do I Mother?

In high school, my favourite subject was physics, followed by math. My grades were among the top in my class; there were many university programs I could have entered, many STEM careers I could have pursued… but that’s not what I wanted.

Some do not understand why any woman would choose motherhood over a career. They might say that I squashed my potential or that I am wasting my talents… but that’s not how I feel. How can I when the most valuable potential of all is right here in my arms, waiting for me to use my talents to guide and nurture him? So why do I mother?

I mother because children are a treasure.

As I sit with this little bundle of sunshine in my lap, glad that he has finally drifted off to sleep, I think of who he is, and who he was before he came to me. This precious spirit was God’s child long before he became mine. He lived and learned beside Heavenly Father himself before choosing to come to Earth—to come to my home, to my family; before coming “in purity and innocence,” as Elder M. Russell Ballard put it.

What greater gift can be given? What greater trust can be extended? To think that my Heavenly Father, who knows all my flaws and weaknesses, looked at me and chose to trust me with the nurturing of one of his infinitely valuable children. So tiny, so clueless, and so perfect. It humbles me to recognize this darling baby is on loan to me from my Father above…and it fills me with inexpressible joy to know that he will be forever mine if I raise him in faith and worthiness. With such an incredible treasure entrusted to my care, how can I not devote my life to nurturing him?

I mother because there is no greater calling.

“Each [human being] is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny… as heirs of eternal life…. Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness.” (The Family: A Proclamation to the World)

What an incredible responsibility. Is this something I can stick on the bottom end of my priority list? Is this something I can take lightly? Of course not. God has a plan for our eternal destinies, and central to that plan is the family. If family is at the center of God’s plan, surely it is important enough for me to make it the center of my life.

I have many talents, interests, passions, and skills… yet chief of them all is my desire to nurture and teach my now and future children. What other walks of life hold such eternal significance. Of all the callings I have had and will have in my life, this is the greatest: that of Mother.

I mother because it is worth it.

However heartwarming the moment may be when I see my son smile in his sleep or laugh with joy as he discovers how to stand, I still must deal with the blow-out diapers, crying in the car, and sometimes sleepless nights. Such is the nature of parenthood; children come with all sorts of challenges and struggles, at every stage of development. But is this any reason to turn away or to give up? No! Elder M Russell Ballard said it best: “To see our children grow, succeed, and take their places in society and in the Lord’s kingdom is an eternal reward worth any inconvenience or sacrifice.”

I believe this wholeheartedly. Whatever our individual challenges and sacrifices may be, I know that God both blesses us for our efforts and helps support us through them. As our Heavenly parent he wants us to grow through the struggles of parenthood, and to taste a hint of the infinite love he feels for all of his children.

I know that God is our father and that he loves us. I know that Christ is our Saviour, and that he understands what we are going through. If we but reach out to him, I know he will carry us through whatever storms we may face. It is through his atonement that we are able to grow, improve, and eventually return to live with him in our Father’s kingdom. He is the reason our families can be eternal; He is the reason I mother.

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