Akedah—The Binding

Written by Kathryn Hales

“Akedah—The Binding”
Or so Jewish literature calls
Genesis twenty-two.
Father and son bound together in love,
Walking the path toward sacrifice;
Isaac bound with cords to be that sacrifice,
Until saved by a Lamb.
But the binding goes far beyond
Jewish literature.
Abraham, bound to God by covenant;
God, bound by covenant,
To provide another Lamb as a sacrifice
To all who
Walk the path,
Bound together in love.

About the author


Kathryn Hales

Kathryn W Hales has spent most of her life living in central Washington, but recently moved to Western Washington where she enjoys all the trees and the moderate temperatures and tolerates the rain. She has taught piano lessons for close to half a century, enjoys making quilts for family members, reads lots of books, and grows beautiful flowers.

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