The Shepherd’s Call

Written by Aria

A hush was o’er the frosty field upon that winter’s night
The shepherds with their sheep abode, bathed in pale moonlight
When lo, an angel’s voice rang clear: “Tonight is born a King”
Round him joined a heavenly host; together they did sing:

Be not afraid, but follow the road to Bethlehem
The babe in swaddling clothes awaits, lying in a manger bed
Again the heavens were parted, the angels gone away
The shepherds, filled with joy, declared: “We mustn’t now delay”

That night began their journey; they stirred the weary fold
One timid lamb hung back a while; softly he was told:
Be not afraid, but follow your shepherds’ guiding call
Warmth and shelter lie ahead in a lowly stable stall

Great was their joy at coming; great their reverent awe
When the shepherds with their sheep arrived, the blessed babe they saw
Abroad they ran to testify to all who’d head their voice
Then back they came to glorify; Together they rejoiced!

We shall be not afraid, but follow our shepherd, our Savior, our King
Christ the Lord, the Son of God, praises to You we sing!

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As a young girl, I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: a stay-at-home mother... or as my kindergarten journal puts it: "a mommy" because "I want to have cute babies". That dream has come true for me, in the form of the most beautiful baby boy I could imagine. Now my days are filled with mothering (which I love), homemaking (not so much love), and blogging about homeschool resources in my spare time.

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