Written by Christy Spencer

On a wooded path, a tiny red bird perched, and then took flight
The swiftness of the moment meant no camera could capture the sight
It was over as quick as it started, that singular second in time
Never to be recreated, that vision, though blurry, is mine

My eyes tried to imprint the scene into my memory
The fleeting of the moment, though, reminded me of me
Ever learning and forgetting, each day I’m someone new
I’m fleeting like my red winged friend, and so, my love, are you
Transforming from moment to moment, only permanent by name
Love me as I am right now for I’ll never be the same

About the author


Christy Spencer

Christy Spencer lives in South Ogden, Utah with her husband and (soon to be) 3 daughters. After a decade of work in the humanitarian sector, she is now a full-time homemaker. As a friendly introvert, Christy cherishes her quiet life nurturing her girls with nature, books, the gospel, and a dash of OCD.

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