Written by Kathryn Hales

In a fanfare of trumpeting wind
Spring emerges in a glory of purple and gold__
Pansies and daffodils,
Lilacs and iris,
Each bowing to the majesty of Nature’s will;

Then moving in royal procession to Summer
Wearing its crown jewels__
Emerald grass, sapphire skies,
Faceted berries in crimson and black,
Opal sunsets of translucent hues.

Stately and dignified with scepter in hand
Autumn stands regal,
Gathering amber wheat,
Treasuries of ruby and amethyst fruits,
Coffers overflowing with coins
Of golden mums,
A harvest worthy of a king
‘til Winter’s splendor arrives

Clothed in white and silver,
Pearl raindrops,
Diamond snowflakes,
Tinkling icicles dancing in frosty air,
Folds of ermine snowdrifts.
Then Nature kneels before her Creator,
Not as royalty,
But as a humble servant.

About the author


Kathryn Hales

Kathryn W Hales has spent most of her life living in central Washington, but recently moved to Western Washington where she enjoys all the trees and the moderate temperatures and tolerates the rain. She has taught piano lessons for close to half a century, enjoys making quilts for family members, reads lots of books, and grows beautiful flowers.

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