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Hailey – Sydney, Australia

Written by forsuchatimevoices

1) What does a typical day look like for you?

Every night I tell myself, “I’ll wake-up at 6:30 am to exercise”…yet every day, I wake-up at 7:00…too late. My husband travels Monday – Thursday for work, so more often than not, I have our apartment to myself. I like to listen to an audio book, podcast or conference talk while I get ready in the morning, and if I have breakfast at home, it’s usually a bowl of cereal. Before I run to catch the train, I say a quick prayer by my front door, then it’s off to work. Right now I do project management for a small cancer charity in Sydney, Australia. My hours aren’t too bad – typically, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm – and then I’m free for the evening. Because I’m the only one home, I’ll usually grab some take-out for dinner or make something simple at our place – we’re talking quesadillas or tomato soup 90% of the time. Then, depending on the day of the week, I tend to do one of the following:
Mondays: tinker around with a small business idea
Tuesdays: girls’ night with friends
Wednesdays: Mutual (I just got called to be the YW pres…YIKES)
Thursdays: a late dinner with Dave after his flight lands + more tinkering
Friday: quality time with my boo
(Last night – while I was supposed to be working on my side hustle – I ate a Lean Cuisine and ice cream while watching You’ve Got Mail…so needless to say, I don’t always stick to the schedule.)
2) Tell us about something that has been essential in your personal conversion to Jesus Christ and His gospel.
Something that’s been essential to me are the words of the prophets. For whatever reason, I’ve always really enjoyed listening to Conference and hearing the brethren and sisters speak. Perhaps it’s because I like a good story…or maybe it’s because they feel like family – like I’m getting advice from my dad. Either way, it’s calming to me. If I ever need a quick hit of peace or comfort, I’ll turn on a conference talk or watch a Mormon Message. They bring the Spirit quickly and help me remember what matters most. I’ve found many answers to prayers in the words of the prophets. They’ve helped me come to know the Savior better and recognise His spirit in my life.
3) How does the restored gospel affect your life on a daily basis?
I’m not someone who’s great at reading their scriptures every day or even saying formal prayers on my knees, but I ‘talk’ to Heavenly Father a lot in my heart. I often pray at my desk or in the bathroom at work, or walk through my concerns with Him on the train. I guess I’d say the gospel keeps me close to God on a daily basis. When I run into challenges I often ask myself, “What does Heavenly Father want me to do / learn here?” Or, “Ehhh, I don’t think He’s happy with the way I handled that…” I don’t always follow through on the direction received, but I care what Heavenly Father thinks and I have a desire to do better. I’m not sure if we’d have the same relationship without the gospel in my life. It’s possible He wouldn’t really be on my radar. For that reason, I’m especially grateful for the Church. It’s where I was first introduced to my Father and friend.

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