Heart-shaped Cereal

Written by Allison Maselli

Last night I cradled your fevered body
and nursed you through the fitful darkness
hoping you might rest.

In the morning we rose
and shook off our fuzzy slumber
as we bathed your drenched and tired body.

And then we sat together on that dark leather couch
and you fed me heart-shaped cereal
pinched between your chubby forefinger and thumb.

As each heart was placed in my open mouth
a look of joy and satisfaction stole across your face.

And the moment became a sacrament.

About the author


Allison Maselli

Allison is married to the love of her life and is mother to three energetic cherubs. A lover of learning and adventure, Allison is currently into baby-snuggling, lap-swimming and daydreaming of Florence.

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